Avianca Offers up to 20% Discount and Bonus Miles!

Avianca Airlines is a well-known company that offers offers to different countries. Learn how to find discounted tickets and take advantage of the app and loyalty program!


Avianca: Exclusive Offers on Flights, Hotels and Much More!

avianca passagens baratas
When traveling with Avianca you enjoy exclusive offers! Source: Avianca.

Avianca is a well-known airline in Latin America. Discover how to find daily offers for different destinations, and accumulate extra miles with the LifeMiles program!

Make your flight and package reservations through the exclusive Avianca app, and explore exclusive pricing conditions through the App.




packages offers

Buy packages with discounts and accumulate miles with the loyalty program!

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Furthermore, being part of the LifeMiles program it is possible to get discounts on Premium seats and VIP lounges with a companion.

Take advantage of the opportunity to obtain incredible discounts and facilities on flights with Avianca! Check out our tips and strategies below.

Your Guide to Saving with Avianca

Avianca tickets can be purchased directly through the airline's official website. You can also use the Avianca app. Furthermore, here are some valuable tips for you to find cheaper flights:

Subscribe to the Avianca newsletter. This way, you will receive updates about exclusive promotions and discounts. Save by purchasing directly from the company's website. There, you can find promotions and flash offers.

Browse in private mode. This prevents flight sites from tracking your cookies and setting prices based on your recent searches. Download the official Avianca app. Activate notifications to receive information about promotions and price reductions.

Enjoy cheap flights to discounted destinations on Avianca. Discover surprising experiences around the world.

Stay up to date on promotions and special offers. Follow Avianca on social media.

Consider connecting flights. In some cases, connecting flights may be more economical than direct flights. Compare the available options to find the best deal.

Use the LifeMiles program. The LifeMiles program offers several ways to save on flights, upgrades and other benefits for frequent travelers.

Discover the World Through Avianca’s LifeMiles Program

Whether you're a digital nomad, a business traveler or simply someone who can't resist the call of new adventures, Avianca has something special for you.

Avianca's LifeMiles loyalty program allows you to earn miles every time you fly with Avianca or any Star Alliance partner airline. But not only that! You can exchange these miles for incredible rewards.




air miles benefits

Accumulate extra miles and take advantage of discounts and benefits!

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Imagine flying for free to your next destination, getting class upgrades, enjoying exclusive discounts, relaxing at partner hotels or exploring new cities with car rentals at special rates. All of this is possible with LifeMiles!

Don't wait any longer! Access the official Avianca website, click on the LifeMiles option in the main menu and start collecting miles for your next great adventure.

What are Avianca's Baggage Policies?

Avianca's baggage policies vary depending on the route and fare chosen. In general, the hand luggage allowance allows for one piece weighing up to 10kg. For checked baggage, limits may vary.

It is recommended to always check the baggage policies specific to your route and fare at the time of purchase.

How to make changes or cancellations to tickets on Avianca?

You can make changes or cancel Avianca tickets via the website, app or by phone. Keep in mind that fees and conditions may apply depending on the rate you choose.

How to Install the Avianca Application and take advantage of its benefits?

Search for “Avianca” in the App Store or Google Play Store. Download the application and follow the instructions for installation. After installation, register to start enjoying the benefits.




in-app offers discounts

Enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts on the Avianca app!

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Need help? See how to contact Avianca

To contact Avianca, you can use the telephone number available on the company's official website for your country. Or, through online chat.

With Avianca, you can be assured of a comfortable and safe journey, whatever your destination. Take advantage of Avianca's exclusive offers and promotions and discover the beautiful destinations that Latin America has to offer!

Explore more opportunities with Latam!

How about exploring even more options? You can also check out promotions and tips on how to get discounts on tickets with Latam. This is another excellent airline that also offers several advantages to its customers.

Latam Airlines offers promotions and discounts!

Latam is one of the largest airlines in Latin America, famous for its extensive routes and competitive prices, there are daily promotions and discounts of up to 60%!

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