Digital School Secretariat: What it is and how to register

Learn how to install the Digital School Secretariat application and make your daily routine more productive.


Have you already registered with Digital School Secretariat? He knows what it is and how to register? Nowadays, all public bodies, private institutions and organizations are increasingly centralizing their information and operations on platforms that provide access for everyone through digital inclusion.

It was with this in mind that the Government of the State of São Paulo created the Digital School Secretariat in order to streamline and optimize the organization of the educational system, as well as to concentrate information for parents, students and teachers.

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What is the Digital School Secretariat?

SED is a digital platform divided into several modules that were developed to facilitate, optimize and concentrate all operational routines that involve the day-to-day management of school administration, as well as those of students, teachers and guardians in an objective manner, without delay, safe and effective, in addition to promoting digital inclusion between the school and the community.

Who can access the Digital Secretariat?

Access to the platform is available to:

  1. Students: In their respective areas within the portal, they can access the Student Notebook, create a personal email for themselves and follow the school calendar, as well as view the grades on their report cards.
  1. Teachers/Staff: This access allows them to access class lists, post student attendance and grades and monitor information from the Unit where they work.
  1. Parents/Guardians: They have access to the portal and can monitor student attendance, as well as report card grades and it is also where they can find out about any school event.

How to access your area at SED?

To access your area, you will need to access the Secretaria Digital Escolar website and enter your login and password, which are personal information such as the following:

  1. Students: O Login is the RA number + RA digit + RA UF (Example: 698654123sp)

The RA (Student Registration) is the student's identification number in the Student Registration System of the São Paulo State Department of Education. To find out your RA, consult your school office.

            Initial password: Date of Birth without bars (Example: 31122003)

  1. Teachers/Servants: Login / Password will be the same as those used on Portalnet (Login example: rg798564321sp)
  2. Parents/Guardians: Login is the RG number + RG digit + RG UF (Example: rg123456789sp)

If you are not yet registered, request registration at the student's school office.Initial password: CPF number (Example: 32165498722)

How to get the SED App on your smartphone:

First of all, what we need to inform you is that the application can only be accessed by students who are duly enrolled in schools in the São Paulo State Network.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Google Play Store or Apple Store and type “Digital School Office” in the search field.
  1. When the SED icon appears, select the App.
  1. Choose the “Install” option after clicking on the app. The application will be available for you to use on your cell phone once the download is complete
  1. After finding the App on your cell phone, enter your access information to enter.

Indeed, all the Government's efforts to increase digital inclusion have yielded good results. We hope you enjoy this information and make your educational routine easier and more effective.

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